New resident

muuttolaatikot-Salon VuokratalotINSTRUCTIONS FOR A NEW RESIDENT

Electricity contract

Fortum ( owns the grid in Salo. You need a contract for transmission, but a company for electricity usage is up to you.

Notification of change of address

You can complete in post office (Itella), Maistraatti, by phone or by internet. Notification must be completed within one week of migration.

Runoff basin

Runoff basin (plastic) under dishwasher is required. Can be bought in home appliance company. A resident is in charge of possible water damage caused by dishwasher.

Home insurance

Home insurance is recommendable because the block insurance won’t recompense your movable property in case of water damage, burglary or fire.

Fire alarm

A resident is in charge of getting, maintaining and testing a fire alarm.

A store for movable property

For each unit there is one store for movable property, of which number is according a unit number. Please keep it locked even though it’s empty for avoiding other residents to use it. When moving out from the unit, a store must be empty.

Satellite antenna

Can be installed only in the balcony and only inside the balcony.


Repairs (e.g. painting wall surfaces) must always be negotiated with the building company’s representative. Holes must not be drilled into fixed structures. The resident can purchase adhesive hooks for the bathroom if they wish.

Filter of an extractor fan

Filter of an extractor fan must be cleaned regularly at least once a month.

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