House rules

These regulations have been accepted for secure to all residents’ pleasant living. All residents have to pay attention to their behaviour, also consider other residents. Residents are responsible for their visitors’ behaviour. In added to laws, ordinances, orders and other instructions residents have to pay attention to regulations mentioned below.


Front doors are kept locked at 21.00 to 06.00. When doors are locked, please make sure that they stay remain locked.

Please avoid noise in shared premises. Smoking and useless residency is forbidden. Please obey tidiness and order when using shared premises. User is in charge of tidiness of sauna and laundry.

For fire safety items can be hold only premises focused for them. When storing items hazardous for fire must regulations for fire be followed.

Fixing or gluing signs and ads is admitted only by the permission of the rental company representative.


Household waste and other garbage have to be packed and to bring away to containers.  Orders to sort must be followed. If there is other waste than from household, residents are in charge of transporting them. Environmental hazardous waste must be brought to hazardous waste areas, according officials’ orders.


Vehicle parking is allowed according the license of housing company at areas meant and signed for parking. Vehicle unnecessary idling is forbidden.


Outside the apartment pets have to be in leash. They mayn’t disturb residents of the house, not dirty the building or surroundings. Walking animals is forbidden near children’s playgrounds and in neighbourhood of them. In dormitory pets are forbidden to keep.


Disturbing neighbours is forbidden. The silence is during time, at 22.00 – 07.00. If you are planning to have a family party continuing after 22.00 you have to agree superintendent and also neighbours next door.

Residents are in charge of tidiness in their apartments. Tenant is in charge of any damage. You have to inform janitor or superintendent immediately all damages especially leaks of taps or of toilet equipment. To the toilet or to other drains mayn’t pour any waste which is not meant to the toilet seat or to the drains, the may clog or damage the drain.

When planning changes or renovations you have to always discuss the upholder of the housing company. On balconies cooking is forbidden. Balconies have to keep tidy and on winter time snow must be cleaned. Apartments may not be aired to stairway.


Dusting of carpets, sheets and blankets is allowed only areas meant for dusting. On own balcony is allowed to air linen or to brush cloths or to dry small laundry, only inside the railing.


Reneging on bylaws might cause liability for damages or to tenancy agreement cancellation.

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